We chose Steve Poland to be our photographer because we had seen what an outstanding job he did for my sister’s wedding. All of her pictures were perfect– and now so are our wedding photos! I have heard so many regrets from brides stating that they wished they had spent more time shopping for a photographer; I knew I didn’t want to be one of those brides. Steve is very friendly and opened minded, but most of all extremely creative! After exhausting all our energy on engineering our wedding (from speeches to centerpieces), we hardly had any creativity left for photo poses. No worries! Steve had many great ideas! He suggested poses and coordinated them so quickly, that I’m sure we’ve posed in every position from line-backer to French lovers! The whole day he kept us organized and on schedule. I’m a little jealous to say that he is more organized than I am! This is hard for me to admit, being a perfectionist. He always had a positive attitude and was always quick to catch us “in the moment” when we laughed at his crazy poses! Therefore, the pictures he took reflect our true expressions. We never had to force a smile or fake a pose. But beware: My checks actually hurt from smiling and laughing the whole time! Your wedding day is a blur and the smallest of details will escape your memory. Looking back through Steve’s photos, I saw many things (and people) that I didn’t even notice during the wedding day! As an artist, he has mastered his craft.