Music Express is awesome! They’re online super detailed planning form gives you time and flexibility to figure out all the little details and ensure everything goes right… and in the Music forms you can select “must play” songs, “don’t play” songs, etc and give the DJ a sense of what you want to hear by picking songs from a HUGE well-organized database. Pretty cool.

We really appreciated having Tim’s voice direct the evening – everything went so well! He served me dinner and even asked us ahead of time what drinks we’d like to have waiting for us at the head table so we could participate in the toast after making our grand entrance to the reception. So thoughtful. We know he has done this a million times and it really showed in the way he helped us through each step of the evening.
The Photo Booth staff were awesome too! They helped all the guests scramble in and out of the rather spacious Photo Booth to take silly pics with the awesome props they provide or record a 20second video for us – really looking forward to seeing those.

We had an AMAZING time and i know our guests enjoyed themselves 🙂