I cannot express in words how wonderful it was to work with New Image Studios. Every interaction we had with them was professional and down to earth. They never sugar-coated anything and what was promised, they followed through on. The engagement pictures were incredible with lots of opportunity to express different ideas on pose shots. Steve made it seem like a walk in the park and the pictures turned out beautiful. Many of the discussions we had with Steve surrounded the wedding day timeline. From this we were able to make a schedule that became a hilarious outcome of the wedding and one we will never forget. Steve gave us options that we had not considered and they ended up being some of the best additions to the reception. Before, during, and after the wedding they were very attentive to any changes in plans and kept the momentum going. Pictures couldn’t have been easier to get with lots of people without anyone wandering off.

As for the DJ, Tim was amazing. We like to ballroom dance and when we made the request to have that kind of music he seemed confused. After providing a few songs to reference, he understood what we were asking and lead a continuous variety of music everyone could enjoy. There was never a time that the music was too loud to have a normal conversation but enough to get people dancing. Before showing up at the reception, we had plans for an entrance; however, we had not thought of how it would work. Tim was able to take what little information we had and turned it into the dream we had hoped for. Overall, the DJ and photographers from New Image Studios deserve more than 5 stars for the work and care that they put into our special day. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the best.