It’s been so hard to choose which photos I want to use for our scrapbook. There’s so many and they’re all wonderful! Greg was great at wrangling both our families and getting pictures done quickly so we could set up for the reception. My (now) husband and I both have large families so there were a lot of combinations to set up, but Greg kept everything running smoothly. It was nice to have worked with him before for the engagement photos (we did ours at Gahanna Creekside) so we knew what to expect on our wedding day. Our pictures at the Olde Gahanna Sanctuary turned out AMAZING and it was nice to know where in Creekside we wanted to go since we’d been there before. TJ, our DJ, kept the reception on track with an awesome music selection. It was nice to be able to leave the schedule in someone else’s hands so I didn’t have to worry about when we were cutting the cake or doing the first dance. He also really got into our family’s mascot, a garden gnome named Timmy (long story) and Greg was able to get some good shots of that as well. It was a great way to capture one of the many weird, funny little quirks of our families. My husband and I had originally planned on going to Vegas and there were a lot of times we wish we’d have stuck to that plan. However, looking at these pictures of our family and friends (and us!) reminds us why we wanted them to be a part of our special day. Thanks Greg!